Port A Bowl Restroom Company is proud to be a member of Portable Sanitation Association International:


All PSAI Member PROs pride themselves on delivering excellent service to their customers. In order to make this possible, as a member or PSAI Port A Bowl will require some information about your needs. This always helps us make good recommendations to you and, with your help, ensure the right number and type of restrooms are properly placed to provide a positive experience for everyone.  So please be prepared to talk about the:


  • Type of event and traffic flow.  Different kinds of events require different services. For example, a relay  will require more units than a come-and-go art fair. At a relay nearly everyone wants to  use the restroom at the same time, and that is not always true of other events. You may want nicer options for your wedding than for your construction site. PROs can discuss these things with you and help you evaluate the options.

  • Number of attendees and duration of the event. Simply put, more people and longer events require more units. Port A Bowl is able to draw upon industry standards in making recommendations regarding how many units will be required to accommodate the expected number of uses. See our special events chart – click here.

  • Outside temperature. On warmer days, users will take in more liquids and make more trips to the lavatories. You will want to keep this in mind as you consider the number of units and the cleaning schedule you will support. Simply ask a Port A Bowl expert for help in this area by Clicking Here.

  • Food and beverage availability.  Units that are placed on sites where users will be consuming a lot of food and beverages will typically be used more than average. Organizers of these events will want to discuss the menu and food/beverage schedule with a Port A Bowl Customer Service Representative to make sure there are enough units for peak times.

  • Special needs. If your users will include families with small children be ready to consider units with diaper changing tables and child-sized toilet seats. If the event is likely to include a lot of seniors or people with physical challenges, accessibility and size of the units will be important considerations.

  • Terrain and curbing. Portable restrooms generally need to be placed on flat surfaces and to be serviced by relatively large trucks parked near the units. You will want to review the placement options and truck access routes with a Port A Bowl site planning expert  before placing your portable restroom order. If some of your units need to be handicap-accessible, curbing and ramps will also need to be a topic of conversation.

With all this information available, a Port A Bowl porta potty or portable restroom trailer expert will be able to offer you an informed bid for services – and you will be assured that the crucial elements for positive experiences with portable restrooms are being addressed. Click here to Contact Port A Bowl now.