Hand Wash Facilities

Hand Wash Facilities
Port A Bowl can meet all of your special event's hand-washing needs. Our units can keep your hands clean...even when water is not available!

When your special event needs high-end portable restroom or restroom trailer solutions CALL PORT A BOWL: 215-766-8164 or CLICK HERE to CONTACT US!

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• Provides an appreciated amenity for your  
• Reassure parents about proper sanitation for
  events with children
• Conform to laws in some states that require
  sinks to be placed adjacent to restrooms
• Provide sanitary hand-washing for food
  preparation areas
• Fully stocked with water, soap and paper
• 22-Gallon Water Capacity
• 2 Wash Stations
• Easy Foot Pump operation
• Approximately 225 Washes





Standard Unit

62"h x 26.5"w x 21.5"d
254 lbs.

Paper Towel Dispenser

4-Packs of 250 single-fold towels


Soap Dispensers (2)

Each holds 30 fl. oz. for 1,408 uses