High Rise

Portable Restroom Specifically Designed for High-Rise Construction Sites

When you need a clean, modern portable restroom solution for your high-rise construction site CALL: 215-766-8164 or CLICK HERE to CONTACT US!

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• Designed exclusively for high-rise  
  construction projects!
• Heavy-Duty Casters
• Easily lifted by crane and/or elevator
• Steel Frame/Polycombo Unit designed
  to take abuse
• Provides two options for getting unit  
  into building
• Long-Life durability
• 38 Gallon capacity





Unit with Roof

91"h x 61"l x 35"w
287 lbs.
Unit without Roof 69"h x 53"l x 33"w 251 lbs.

All dimensions are subject to change due to environmental factors.