Long Term Sanitary Solutions

Port A Bowl’s long-term temporary sanitary solutions provide the perfect cost-effective solution to constructing a permanent rest area and provide the added convenience of giving you the ability to move the units when and where they are needed most to meet peak conditions. Port A Bowl also eliminates the need for on-going maintenance expenses, because Port A Bowl takes care of the service and scheduled maintenance as needed.

Typical clients who need long-term solutions include:
• Manufacturing Facilities/Factories
• Lumber Yards
• Regional Landfills
• Farms
• Water Treatment Facilities
• Docks
• Warehouses


Contact us via email or call toll free 800-947-2695 for a no-obligation long-term proposal. When you need a temporary sanitary solution that is right for your needs and budget in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, just one call and you get the best Port A Bowl!

Restroom Calculator Based on a 40 Hour Work Week

# of Employees Min. # of Restrooms
1-10 1
11-20 2
21-30 3
31-40 4
Over 40 1+ for each 10 additional employees


Long-term solutions start by looking into a single unit with hand washing capabilities or the Port A Bowl temporary restroom trailer facility for a functional, economically minded solution. Port A Bowl can also provide holding tanks and fresh water systems for locations with temporary building structures. Port A Bowl customer service representatives are always helpful when discussing your individual requirements and will guide you in your choice of the right solution that meets your needs and budget.