Movie / TV Sets

Strange Locations……
20 Hour Days…..
Explosions and Extra’s and Actors..”Oh my”

Port A Bowl Restroom Company, Inc. understands the special needs of the production industry. Our experienced production staff is here to help with all of your on-location portable sanitation needs. Whether it's simply meeting a time commitment, providing equipment that travels with your crew or offering a creative solution to your unique situations, Port A Bowl Restroom Company is the leader in the production industry. Port A Bowl Restroom Company has built our reputation across the region over the past twenty years by blending state-of-the-art equipment with superior service and dedicated customer support.

A Partial List of Sets that Port A Bowl has Provided Service:

Transformers 2
Lovely Bones
Law Abiding Citizen
How Do you Know Productions
Dharma Films
Sony Songwriter Productions

Standard Restrooms  Port-A-Lisa Casual Port-A-Lisa Regal
 Port-A-Lisa Plus  Fantastic 18' ADA / Enhanced Access Restroom
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